~ Audiobook Description ~
This is a heart-level conversation with you, the reader. Every excuse, reason, and roadblock for not coming to Christ is examined and duly dealt with. If you think you may be too bad, or if perhaps you really are bad and you sin either openly or behind closed doors, you will discover that life in Christ is for you too. You can reject the message of salvation by faith, or you can choose to live a life of sin after professing faith in Christ, but you cannot change the truth as it is, either for yourself or for others. As such, it behooves you and your family to embrace truth, claim it for your own, and be genuinely set free for now and eternity. Come and embrace this free gift of God, and live a victorious life for Him.

Original title: All of Grace

NASB and Jubilee Bible text. Used by permission. Read by Saethon Williams.
Updated and Annotated.
Copyright © 2017 by Aneko Press, 203 E Birch St., Abbotsford, WI 54405

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~ Contents ~
Opening Credits…00:00
To You…00:17
Where Are You? …02:52
Ch. 1: God Justifies the Ungodly…06:15
Ch. 2: It Is God That Justifieth…27:39
Ch. 3: The Just and the Justifier…44:09
Ch. 4: Concerning Deliverance from Sinning…58:03
Ch. 5: By Grace Through Faith…01:12:50
Ch. 6: Faith – What Is It? …01:18:40
Ch. 7: How Can Faith Be Illustrated? …01:30:04
Ch. 8: Why Are We Saved by Faith? …01:45:13
Ch. 9: Alas! I Can Do Nothing Good! …01:56:34
Ch. 10: The Increase of Faith…02:26:58
Ch. 11: Regeneration and the Holy Spirit…02:38:01
Ch. 12: I Know My Redeemer Lives…02:45:06
Ch. 13: Repentance Must Go with Forgiveness…02:50:33
Ch. 14: How Repentance Is Given…03:04:32
Ch. 15: The Fear of Final Falling…03:15:01
Ch. 16: Spiritual Confirmation…03:27:31
Ch. 17: Why Saints Persevere…03:38:55

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