Living the Kingdom Lifestyle has to do with integrity and to walk in greatness! As we walk in the greatness of God, we are able to see things from His perspective and when we do that, hope hits into our heart and it touches us with His Supernatural Love.
Kingdom Lifestyle, is a lifestyle that’s available for every believer. For every revivalist.

Jesus is our perfect example in how to live a Kingdom Lifestyle life. Jesus focus was always on equipping those around Him. When you get in to the Kingdom Life, life becomes fun and exciting.

Kingdom = Kingdom carrier, awareness of The kingdom og God, knowing that it’s reality and that His realm is on this very earth and inside of you.

Lifestyle = Your very lifestyle becomes a Kingdom Lifestyle, in honor for the king of Kings. You are aware of His presence and you walk in Kingdom integrity, your life then becomes a message and not only what you say! Jesus demonstrated this so well in the gospel. Jesus did everything out of love, love for people and love for those around Him! Jesus is the perfect example, when we look into his life we know that He started to operated in this Kingdom Lifestyle, after he was baptized in the Holy Spirit. Before that He lived as a son to his parents, yet, knowing the huge destiny that was upon His life!

I believe that there is a possibility for every believer, disciple and follower of Christ to live this Kingdom Lifestyle full time! Where ever you go, you can know that God’s Kingdom wants to touch peoples life through you!

Since we are bodies of God and His very spirit dwells inside of us, we can trust in that He is with us. That’s also why we need to pursue holiness and purity! God is pure, and he wants to live in pure bodies. Living a Kingdom Lifestyle gives us the ability to purse a lifestyle of holiness.