Hi, my name is Daniel Haddal, I am 27 years old, I did Bethel School of Ministry from the 08-2012. I interned for Kevin Dedmon and I was a volunteer in Sara Webster’s revival group.
I moved to Norway in 2012, to Levanger, there I helped out at the Nordic School of Supernatural Ministry; I also do itinerary ministry all around Norway and some other countries. I am more on fire for God now, then I have ever been before! I had my desert time in 2013 for about 1,5 years, I used that time to seek the Kingdom of God and to rest in His presence.
I am excited for what God is doing and for everything He is going to continue with in Norway! Yeah God, Revival is coming! And we are just getting started, Hallelujah!
All of these testimonies are from 2015…

Treasure hunt in Oslo, Norway
I went on the street with a friend of mine ‘Chrisandra’, we went on a treasure hunt in Oslo at the 23h of March 2015. A man that Chrisandra knew from before, approached us and wanted prayer, we prayed for his stomach, Holy Spirit came and he felt power and heat go into his left arm. He told us that he had broken his left arm before and that it hadn’t healed well. When he now tested out his left arm he was able to bend it more to the left then he could before, He received a partly healing for something that we didn’t pray for.

Jesus Party
Today at the 26th of March 2015 I was invited to a “Jesus party”, it’s an interesting concept where the person hosting the event, invites unbelievers and people who are interested in God. I ministered the word of God, and then when we had prayer, a woman who was blind for two years on her left eye, received instantly healing. Jesus opened up her eye, and she was able to see well and in details. Her left eye had been in darkness, since 2013, she then had a cerebral hemorrhage. But this night Jesus healed here.
Also the guest that came thought someone had shared to me details with them, since I was able to give them specific words of knowledge about their relatives names, but we assured them that it was all God, by the grace of the Holy Spirit. A good day in the kingdom.

Testimonies of what God has done- In and through me. First week of January 2015. Trondheim, Norway, with Nordic School of Supernatural Ministry.

We were on a treasure hunt in a city called Trondheim in Norway. A student named Laila and myself approached a couple outside of a grocery store named ‘Rema tusen’. On our treasure hunt list we had several clues; brown coat, black purse, hip problems, someone being brunette, scarf & green jacket. The woman and the man had all these of these clues and it turned out to be a powerful approach. It was a bit funny too- I asked the woman, do you have dark boots, a black purse, is your coat brown? The woman is nodding her head, being aware of it being right. Does your Hip hurt? The woman again nods her head. Both of them felt love and were encouraged by the prophetic words that we gave and that we boldly shared with them our faith. And it turned out that they both were atheists, but they liked our approach.
When we do things out of love, God shows up with His blessings, love and honor. Praise God.
Daniel Haddal, Norway.

( “Treasure hunt testimony – Trondheim Norway”)
We were a group of 4 treasure hunters, 2 bible school students, myself and a staff member for Nordic School of Supernatural ministry. Our group were out loving people, we saw three girls walking towards our direction. In my spirit, I felt that God highlighted them. We approached them, by saying: ‘HI, could we talk with you guys, we are on a treasure hunt’. We chatted with them for a while, then we showed them our maps and several of our clues match them. I asked them: ‘ does anyone have shoulder problems? I have it on my map’. They looked at each other and one of the girls said, I have had shoulder pain fro more then two months. On a scale from 1-10. The pain level was one a 5. We prayed for her twice and she got completely healed, the healing was like a shock for her and she got so surprised, that she even cursed.

Then we asked if they would like to hear the gospel? They said yes, we had our student Laila, share with them the gospel. This was Laila’s first time in doing so. Laila shared about the cross, about Jesus, salvation and how to receive eternal life. We then asked if they wanted to receive Jesus into their heart and all of them prayed and invited Jesus into their heart.

At the end we invited the Holy Spirit to show up, we had them hold out their hands and Ole Daniel, invited the Holy Spirit to come and to touch them. Holy Spirit came and the girls felt tingling and heat on their hands.
Then Ole Daniel said, I just heard a word, I think it’s a word of knowledge. I hear the word “dancing”, does it mean anything? The girls, looked at each other’s, giggled a little and said with one voice we are dancers and we are actually on our way to our dance class right now.
I must say that Jesus showed up in a great way. These girls will never forget this bazaar God encounter.

Two young adults had a Jesus touch, while waiting on their bus
A friend and me were our walking, then we noticed a some youths that were highlighted. They were waiting for their bus. We walked up to them and prophesied, we had several words of knowledge that fitted straight into their situation; they were both encouraged and happy. One of them had knee problem, we prayed for her that Jesus would heal here, but she couldn’t test it out right there and then. Approaching them was a bit scary, but God gave us prophetic words just as we opened our mouth, so it was totally wroth doing it even though it was outside of our comfort zone.
Daniel Haddal Norway.

A Norwegian TV- station joined us on a treasure hunt.
At the 7th of March 2015 we had a Norwegian TV – crew joining us to the street. It’s a secular tv program, they are making a program about “healing”. The program is called Tro & Are. Are is the main person who is skeptical & a non believer, but he is curious and wants to see if healing does happen.

He came to our NSSM school (Nordic School of Supernatural Ministry) He joined us for the day and heard our treasure hunting teaching. Also he filled out his treasure hunt map as the cameras are rolling. He had clues about a tall man with mustache green scarf, blue balloon and one pain. The next day he and his crew joined us for a treasure hunt. They recorded us approaching people. Several people were healed and a lot of good stuff happened.
Finally we wanted Are to find his treasure, we looked after someone with a mustache. We saw one man, as Are went to approach him, this man walked to a pharmacy. In Response Are said: Thank you Jesus that I didn’t need to approach him.

We didn’t give up and continued to look, and then we noticed a tall man with mustache. Are walked up to him with his TV- crew. He approached him by saying – Hi, we making a documentary about religion, we are now on a treasure hunt and I have these very clues. You have a mustache, and you got a green scarf. Do you also have pain in you knee? On a scale from 1-10 it was on a 2. Are prayed for His knee in the name of Jesus, but nothing happened. Anyway it was fun that we found his treasure. Also the treasure quite enjoyed the attention, he laughed and was indeed encouraged.

Anyway, we are excited; the program is going to be on NRK, Norway’s national TV- Channel. There will be somewhere to 500 000 to a million viewers. I personally believe that many can be blessed by watching it.


Ministering to a woman on the train.
I took the train from Drammen to Oslo Airport. I saw a Norwegian Sri Lanka woman. It was just the two of us in that wagon. I shared to her about Jesus, showed her videos of legs growing out and told her about Jesus. She hadn’t heard much about the gospel before, so it was need to witness to her. I shared with her about my life, my heart and what God had done in my life.
While I prayed for her, her fingers froze and she had a spiritual encounter. I told her that this was a demonstration of the power of God. She was amazed, and then I gave her prophetic words to encourage her. I believe it had a good effect on her, then I handed her a page about Father God’s heart. The father’s love letter.

Witnessing to the cashier woman
I was in Bergen, walked into a grocery store and told the cashier lady about Jesus. I felt the power of God come upon me and there was an atmosphere shift in the air. It was powerful and glories, I even spoke in tongues to demonstrate the evidence of tongues. The woman received many prophetic words and she got encouraged and happy.

Prophesying over a random person
On the way to a bus stop after buying some grocery, I saw a blond girl walk toward my direction. I just approached her and said, Excuse me, I have an encouraging word from God to you. Then I prophesied over her and she got very encouraged. Then I wished her a good evening.

Fun with Jesus in the phone
One day I hanged out with some of my friends in Levanger. We wanted to try some creative, we asked God to give us a phone number. Then we entered it by faith, we called random people, some weren’t so talkative, but others were super open and wanted prayer. We prayed for one woman over the phone, she was so happy for us calling her, for her it was like winning in the lottery. This woman screamed after her husband to come so he also would receive prayer. It was glories and very powerful indeed. Thank you Jesus for being so good!

I shared this testimony with a friend of mine ‘Andreas Fjellvang’, he said, Daniel you need to show me how you to it. Basically he dared me to try again. Well, I decided to try, I asked God for a number and then I typed it in by faith, then I hit the dial button. I was very nervous and this whole thing was quite scary.
The person on the other end answered, I said to Him – Excuse me sir, my name is Daniel and I believe that God gave me this number and that he loves you. The person on the line was extremely excited; he said that his very hair on the neck stood and that this was an answer from God. It turned out that he 3 days earlier had asked God for a sign. He took this phone call as a sign for God’s love toward Him.

Had a meeting in Levanger, Norway 13 March 2015.
I was invited to speak at a youth gathering called smelteverket. Its placed in Levanger and there are about 30 young people that are part of that youth group. I asked to share for about 20 min and then do quick prayer and close it with cafe time in the cafeteria. When I came to the meeting about 17 youths attending it. I spoke about the goodness of God, about healing and his kingdom, the importance of seeking God for who He is.
I felt that they received my message, when I was about to close it. I called out some words of knowledge. And the youths responded the words of knowledge.
I invited those who responded to come to the front, then I had them up on stage, everyone, one at the time. I interview them and said, “what can Jesus do for you”?
The first girl that came up had back pain and a leg shorter then the other. The leg grew out and the back was healed and everybody gave God honor for the miracle.

The next girl that came up for prayer had shoulder problems, she had problems with rotating her shoulder and it was very painful for her. I asked her to lift up the arm and she could barely lift it up. Then we prayed for her, immediately she cried when she noticed that her shoulder was completely healed. The girl rotated her shoulder without any pain. She was completely healed, Jesus fixed her. Praise God!

Another boy who also had a leg shorter the other received prayer and the leg just grew out. He got completely healed.
A young man came up for prayer he had problems with his neck. He described it as his neck being kind of locked. We prayed for him, I had those who had been healed help me pray. On a scale from 1-10. The pain level was at a 9. It went down every time we prayed. After 10 minutes of praying for his healing he was completely healed. He could move his head around with out pain. It was the first time in more then 10 years that he didn’t have neck pain.
Thank you doctor Jesus.

The youth were excited, we continued to pray for those who needed healing. And I asked if anyone wanted to receive the gift of healing. About 10 of them wanted the gift, I explained to the how it works and then I imparted that gift to them. Some felt tingling as we invited the Holy Spirit to come.
One girl told me that he was able to supernaturally smell prophetic insights, for instance, she smelled flower over someone it turned out that the person loved flowers. And she smelled forest over another person, which person worked with administration for selling trees.

I said to the youth group, you guys should call home and see if anyone needs healing. Just try calling someone. One of them called his mom who has shoulder problems; she is away from work because of it. He prayed for her over the speakerphone, while the rest prayed with him for his moms healing. His mom got drunk in the Holy Spirit and the shoulder pain went down from a 9 to a 1. Praise God.
One girl called her mom, since her mom has implants in her shoes because of length different on the shoes. Her drove and came to us. I had the youth pastor pray for her tighter with 7 other youths, He had never prayed for a leg to grow out before. It was His first time. And Bam, the leg grew out and the lady felt that her whole back was fixed and totally healed. Praise God!

Treasure-hunt testimony – Oslo.
Girl healed on the subway
We had different clues, one of them was a place called “Grønnland” We took the subway, and there a girl in her twenties sat just in front of me. I told her that we are on treasure hunt and I was wondering if she needed prayer. The girl was a Christian, and she had knee pain. I gathered my team and we prayed for her knees. We prayed for her knees to be healed. It was glories seeing, how God came through with his power. The girl felt heat go into her knees. Also we encouraged her with some accurate prophetic words.

We met 3 girls from high school; they had colors on their clothes that matched with our clues. They had been found on a treasure hunt before, we had words on knowledge that went straight into their heart, it was incredibly powerful. We prayed for their moms and for their lives and we encouraged them about Jesus. one guy received a word of knowledge of them having sleeping problems and that was right on. We encouraged them and they went away feeling loved, happy and peaceful:)

March 2015- Hanging out with the Bethel team from Redding
Together with the Bethel mission trip team with Andrew Tainter, Nordic School of Supernatural ministry we had a conference in Drammen. About 150 young adults came. We had a glories time. We prayed for the sick and activated the youth in the supernatural.
I had a treasure hunt workshop. During that time we talked about words of knowledge, we called out words for healing. About 15 people were healed right there and then. It was incredible; it was so powerful and glories. God came with his power and with his anointing. People were healed from knee problems, ankle, stomach pain and much more. It was great.

We mixed the teams and sent out about 100 treasure hunters, for several of them it was the first time doing it. They were excited and hungry to see a live demonstration of the power of God.

Treasure- hunt testimony – Drammen.
I had four teenagers in the age of 13 on my team. They went on a treasure hunt for the very first time. We had a great time, for the clues we had -7eleven, blue & red jacket, ankle pain, glasses, back problems and cancer. Also we had poop.

In our search after our clues we noticed that there was a lot of horse pop and the streets, which isn’t usual. The first people we approached, they just laughed at us and couldn’t take us seriously.

We met three girls in the age of 13. They were highlighted they had a blue jacket and one girl was blond & had glasses. It was very fun to see how the youth I had with me ministered, they were very shy and I had to dare them. They prayed and gave out encouraging words. Our clues matched very well. I had the names Erik and Pauilne, it turned out that it was the name of two of their parents. Also the location matched as well. We called out the gold in them and w encouraged them to come to church and we shared about how good Jesus is.

A girl that received healing in the store.
We saw a girl that was highlighted to us, we approached her and found out that she had ankle pain, on a scale from 1-10, it was on a 10. We prayed for her and the pain went away. The girl had a deep mask on and she didn’t express any feelings, but she got healed. The pain was gone.

We prayed for a girl with back pain and the pain went down from 3 to 1.
We walked over 7-eleven; we had that as a clue. At 7-eleven, we found a family of 8, sitting outside, begging for money. They were gypsies from Romania. One woman had cancer and her name was Maria. We had that name on our map, we prayed for this elderly woman and for the rest of the family, they all needed healing from things, they had pain in their ankle, back, neck and other things. We prayed for them all, the youth felt heat go out their hands; they felt tingling, heat and electricity (Even though it was freeze cold outside). When we prayed for the man with a broken, fractured ankle someone on the time felt the bone vibrate and come to place.
They neither spoke Norwegian or English so it was difficult to communicate to them.

Treasure-hunt testimony – girl that spoke in perfect Romanian tongues.

A team that came back had an incredible testimony to share with us.

They went and prayed for some Romanians, they didn’t speak either Norwegian or English so the team didn’t know if they were to approach them or not. A woman waved to a girl on the team and wanted prayer. This girl Anne Merete, 20 years old, first time on a treasure hunt, prays for her first in Norwegian, then she prays in tongues. The minute she starts praying in tongues, the woman reacted and cried, she was able to understand the tongues and the other Romanians came around her and cried as well. It was incredible, So Anne spoke in tongues and the people could understand it, she felt the pain that the woman was feeling. She ministered to them for about 20 minutes and she felt power go out of her hand as well. When the team left, they saw how the other Gipsys embraced this woman and cried tighter with her.

I was in Bergen February 2015 on a youth conference, during the evening meetings, so many were healed from all kind of things. God healed the youth and set them free from physical pain as well as depression and anxiety. Amen.