A collection of some of the top Christian worship songs in a 4-hour playlist with no ad interruptions. Listen to this playlist as you go about your day and as you spend time in the presence of God. Instrumental worship music that’s ideal for Bible study, prayer time, mediation on the Word as well as rest and work times. May the God of all comfort bring you peace as you seek Him.

If you are new to my channel, my name is Josh Snodgrass and I’m the guy playing the guitar. I present this music as a form of worship with the hope that you will be encouraged to go deeper in your walk with God. Jesus Christ is the Messiah who came to offer the world the hope of forgiveness for our sins and new life in him. He’s the Son of God and he came to earth and took on human flesh, living as one of us. He didn’t sin at all, and He is completely perfect. Because of His perfection, He was worthy to give His life on the cross as a sacrifice for the rest of us who have fallen short. He rose again in victory over sin and death and came back to life on the 3rd day. When we repent from our sins and turn to follow Jesus as Lord and Savior in faith, we will be completely forgiven by God for all of our sins. He offers us a complete pardon, trading his record for ours. He takes our sin and offers us His righteousness. Place your faith in Jesus and follow Him as He directs you through the Bible and the Holy Spirit.

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Please do not reupload this video to your YouTube channel or use my recordings without my permission. If you’d like to use my music, please ask me: www.joshsnodgrass.com/contact

0:00:00 Holy Spirit
0:03:49 Build My Life
0:07:20 King of Kings
0:10:59 I Speak Jesus
0:15:07 The Goodness of God
0:18:04 Run to the Father
0:21:58 What a Beautiful Name it Is
0:25:10 Great are You Lord
0:29:04 Jesus Paid it All
0:32:06 Who You Say I Am
0:34:59 No Longer Slaves
0:38:50 The Blessing
0:42:40 The Revelation Song
0:46:34 Hosanna
0:50:10 I Lift My Hands
0:53:07 Indescribable
0:56:11 Jesus Messiah
1:00:24 I Will Rise
1:04:36 Open the Eyes of My Heart
1:07:57 Agnus Dei
1:11:32 Our God is Greater
1:14:42 10,000 Reasons
1:18:05 Here I am to Worship
1:21:02 O Come to the Altar
1:25:58 You are My All in All
1:29:39 Lord, I Need You
1:33:37 Mighty to Save
1:38:04 The Heart of Worship
1:41:36 Blessed Be Your Name
1:44:52 Sanctuary
1:48:16 Amazing Grace, My Chains are Gone
1:51:14 How Great is Our God
1:54:10 Enough
1:56:51 Trading My Sorrows
1:59:38 Holy Spirit
2:03:26 Build My Life
2:06:58 King of Kings
2:10:37 The Goodness of God
2:13:34 I Speak Jesus
2:17:42 Run to the Father
2:21:36 What a Beautiful Name it Is
2:24:48 Great are You Lord
2:28:42 Jesus Paid it All
2:31:44 Who You Say I Am
2:34:36 No Longer Slaves
2:38:28 The Blessing
2:42:18 The Revelation Song
2:46:12 Hosanna
2:49:48 I Lift My Hands
2:52:45 Indescribable
2:55:49 Jesus Messiah
3:00:02 I Will Rise
3:04:14 Open the Eyes of My Heart
3:07:35 Agnus Dei
3:11:10 Our God is Greater
3:14:20 10,000 Reasons
3:17:43 Here I am to Worship
3:20:40 O Come to the Altar
3:25:36 You are My All in All
3:29:17 Lord, I Need You
3:33:15 Mighty to Save
3:37:42 The Heart of Worship
3:41:14 Blessed Be Your Name
3:44:30 Sanctuary
3:47:54 Amazing Grace, My Chains are Gone
3:50:52 How Great is Our God
3:53:48 Enough
3:56:29 Trading My Sorrows
3:59:16 Great Are You Lord