What an excited day, I just landed in England. Came to London. This very night I ended up at this hostel in main city square. Later on I am very excited fro an awesome day in Torbay with my friend James:).


I just arrived to be Torbay:) It was quite a journey! Six hours with bus from London Victoria Central. Here I am, excited to minister at the TSSM that James Arthur has planted:) They run a School through video teaching. They will show the Bethel curriculim in their video class .


I ministered this evening and shared about evangelism. The video will be published soon:) We had fun and joy brook loose! Yeah praise God:):)

Ministering the goodness of God to people. Every Wednsday and Saturday, this church has homeless people come in to receive prayer and to build relationship. Great to be a part of that

Treasure hunting

Woman being prayed for

The Amazing team

Treasure hunt map