Healing rooms at Bethel Church – Redding Ca. Okay, so this testimony is from November 2009, while I attended first year at Bethel School of ministry. I was then involved ministering at the healing rooms which they have there:

Today I went to the healing rooms, It was a lot of fun I had a great time there.
This was my first day at the healing rooms. It was so cool seeing all the drunk crazy 2 year prayer servants. I was intoxicated in the glory.

Kate asked me if i wanted to be in the Encounter room, I said, ” yes I do”. Being at the Encounter room was great, there where so many people there soaking in the glory of God. it was totally awesome,

There were all kind of sick and ill people there who believed in a supernatural God.
I went up and gave words of Knowledge, of someone having back pain. Immediately, people who had back pain, they raised their hands up. Then I asked them to test out their back, A lady jumped out of the chair, and she bended all the way over and she said, ” I am healed, I am healed. We didn’t even pray for her, which is super cool.

Some other healing guys prayed for her and her leg grew out and she experienced more of the presence of God.

Man healed from shoulder & hip problem.
I prayed for a guy who responded on the word of knowledge. He had problem with his right shoulder, he couldn’t lift it over his head. I prayed for him and said” In Jesus name I command the pain to disappear”. He actually told me that he felt heat and fire go through his shoulder. He then tested out the shoulder and he was able to lift it much higher. Amen Praise God.
He had also problems with both his hips, he had pain walking, I prayed for his hips and then asked him to test it out. He started walking and he told me that it was 75% better to walk. Amen, praise God.

A Lady experienced the Glory of God.
I saw lady sitting, waiting to be called out to go into the healing room. I went over and talked with there, she had arthritis  in her neck, back, knees and some other things. I prayed for her neck and her back, she felt the power of God burn on her back, which was awesome. She start to move her neck around and she was able to move the neck farther back as newer before. The back was also better.

Ladies leg grew out.
A friend of mine from 1 year of ministry, Norway, wanted me to pray fro her friend, she had a leg shorter then the other one, it was about 1 inch shorter. We prayed for the lady and her leg just popped out and it became the same length. Praise God !

During the session a prayed for a guy who missed an eye, I prayed the the eyeball would form and come back to life. Well, he didn’t get his sight back. It was still nice praying for him.