Signs & wonders

Heading to Yuba city to experience the supernatural realm of God. This testimony/ story is from November 2009, while I was a second year student at Bethel School of supernatural ministry.

Angel track.
We met at Simeon house, and we had an angel track meeting. We prayed together and we shared testimonies about angels. Which is really cool. I shared some testimonies, Elia shared, Louise and other. It was really good.
Then we asked Father God to release angels to come, Suddenly we all felt the angelic presence in a stronger way. Caleb & I prayed for people eyes to be open. I totally felt some importations and I started to see white heat wave over people, which I believe was their angels.” Really cool “
We all experienced the glory of God. Then Caleb mentioned that there was gonna be some meetings with Joshua Mills in Yuba. So Elia me we divided to go there. We went together with Caleb.

Joshua Mills.
We where like 9 people going to the meeting in Yuba. it was really cool, seeing Joshua Mills, while he was preaching, he didn’t have any gold sparks or dust on him, while he was preaching his shirt became full of gold sparks and dust. ” it was crazy”. Then we saw a lot of gold dust on the floor as well. People where all exited.
I looked at my hands and I had gold sparks on my hand and I had some oil that started to appear. so Good:) Thanks Jesus!
Suddenly me, Elia and some others decided to stay there in Youba, so we found a house and we slept over there.
Then we went to some a guy named Eddie. There where some other Bethel Students there as well.


I shared the testimony of the guy who grew 2 inch . Come on Jesus! Just as I said ” Do u guys wanna see hear a cool testimony” Just as I said it the glory fell and we all felt a heavy glory coming into the room. It was great. Thanks Jesus!
After I shared the testimony a few of the people there wanted to became taller.
We prayed for a guy who was tall, but he wanted to become taller. while praying for him, we could all see his legs starting to grow, his left leg grew out and then right one. I asked the guy what he felt, he said,” I feel my legs stretching. Its kind of strange but I feel something pull on my knees and under my hip.
I asked him to test it out and we measured him and he was like o,5 inch taller. yeah God.

Then 2 other wanted to become taller. We prayed for them and they felt their leg stretching and they became little taller.
After praying for on of the guys, people could see that he was taller. He was actually taller then his friend,who before was the same length as him..


To that end I would like to share some about Jousha Mills. He is a minister that walks in extraoridinary signs & wonder. When He speaks heaven literary opens up:  Visit His web site here

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