A Basketball player grew taller

This is a Testimony from November 13th 2009. That’s the year when Elia & lived together in Redding. We had a blast that year! So here is a testimony of what Happen when we decided to get some milkshake! I can remember this as if it was yesterday.

At 11.30 pm ( 23.30)  Thursday 15. Oct! I came  home and I just felt like getting a milkshake at Inn and Out.  I felt a calling to go there. Then I talked to my roommate Elia And I  asked him, Do you wane go. He said okay it would be nice with something to drink.

So we jumped into the car and drove to Inn & out. When we came there, there wasn’t allot of people there.  I ordered my milkshake and then we met a 1 year Student and his visitor friend from Oregon. He had come to Bethel for the Open heaven conference.

We sat down together. These guys they ordered Burger. Elia didn’t Order anything he was just sitting there.
Well. Me and Elia asked if we could pray for this guy from Oregon. He was okay with it. We started by prophesying. He started to feel Gods presence in an amazing way. He felt fire in his body.

Then I got a word of knowledge, so I asked him, is there anything wrong with you legs. Are your legs the same length.
He then said “ No! Nothing is wrong with my legs, they are the same length. But I have asking God, if he could make me taller 2 weeks ago before I came here.

He then  told us that he was playing basketball and he needed to be taller.
Actually he was taller then me, I am like 175 cm. 6 Foot.


Then a supernatural faith raised up in my heart. I said well I believe God can make you taller, lets go outside. So we went outside and we found a chair he could sit in. So he sat down in the chair and We hold up both his legs. And we could all se that both the legs are the same length.
While we where holding up his legs, I commanded the right Leg to grow out in Jesus name.

Then suddenly we could all se to our surprise that right leg started to grow out. We could see the leg moving. The guy we prayed for, he screamed and said “Wow I feel tingling, heat and fire going through my leg, I feel my leg stretching.
Then we commanded the left leg to grow and Baam! The same thing happened to the left leg. It grew out. And it actually grew farther out then the right one. We where all astonished. Now his left leg was longer then the left one.<!–more–>

So I said just for fun try to walk now, so the guy stood up. And walked, He he, He walked with a limp, He said it was so strange to walk with a leg longer then the other.
I then asked him to sit down again. We held his legs. We had both his heals against each other. Then we commanded the other leg to grow out. And it grew and it actually passed the other one, once again.
So we continue to pray for his legs for 30 minutes. And they grew and grew.
He then tried to walk and he felt taller.

Then We prayed for his spine, so that the spine will grow an be longer. Elia and I put our hand on his back, the guy felt heat going to his spine and he felt it growing.

So now he wanted to check out how tall he had become, so he stood face to face with his friends. Before when they had measured their length, both their noses where at the same height!  Now when they where checking The guys nose was at the same height as his friends forehead.
Wow amazing he had been growing 1,5 inch. That like 4cm.

Yeah God! He was so happy that he became taller!

Then he told us, I would also like my arms to be longer, and my fingers longer, so I can grab the basketball in a more effective way.

We said sure okay. We then hold out both his hands against one each other and they where the same length. We then Commanded the  left fingers to grow. We then saw his left fingers growing out, it was crazy. He felt heat and he felt his finger bones grow out.
We then prayed for the other hand and those fingers also grew out.
And then both his arms grew out.

Amen. Thanks Jesus !!