He then sent them out to heal the sick. 

“This is what the LORD of Heaven’s Armies says: If you follow my ways and carefully serve me, then you will be given authority over my Temple and its courtyards. I will let you walk among these others standing here.”  Zechariah 3:7

                                             See-  Learn –  Understand – Act  – Expect

Kingdom Lifestyle is a spirit filled organization, established September 2015. Kingdom Lifestyle is registered in Norway as a ministry. Founded by Daniel Haddal, Kingdom Lifestyle’s motto is: See- Learn – Understand-  Expect & Act. The ministry’s primary focus is to equip believers for ministry – through teaching and by showing others the Jesus- lifestyle in function on the street.

See – You will see in a practical way that we pray for the sick and learn how to minister to people through the gifts of the Spirit. You will also see how it is possible to live the Kingdom Lifestyle everyday.

Learn – Through different teachings, you will learn about your identity in God. It will give you the keys for how you can live the Jesus life everyday.

Understand – By understanding who you are in God and how the Kingdom principles works, it will give you unique insight & boldness to take the necessary steps to move forward into your calling.

Act – By you doing what you have learned, when you put your faith into action, you will see the kingdom flow through you, touching people around you with miracles, signs & Wonders. You will be a living sign and demonstrate the kingdom power of Jesus.

Expect – When you are around people, you can expect heaven to show up. When you see someone in need of a healing, you can expect Heaven to manifest with power to heal. “Heaven in you wants to get out of you.

                                                                           The Vision for Kingdom Lifestyle

We want to be available 24/7, so we can feed people with good biblical teaching. Touch those who are hungry and thirsty for more of God. Kingdom Lifestyle has 10 essential core Values.

We desire to equip people to move and operate in the supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit and to live a lifestyle where miracles become a natural part of a believer’s everyday life. Through teaching and demonstrating the Kingdom, we want to empower people from all around Scandinavia, Europe, and other nations to reach their calling and get into their destiny

Make disciples
We want to be an online resource website where people, both believers and non-believers, can be equipped & empowered by anointed teaching, inspired to believe for the impossible and to follow Jesus with their whole heart.

We wish to give people a powerful biblical foundation. Through webinars, online teaching, articles and TV- programs, we wish to take people deeper into the very heart of Father God.

Prayer Request
We believe in miracles and in God’s supernatural miracle power. We believe that the power of God is available for us today. And that it’s God’s will to heal. In the book of Hebrews it says that: “Jesus is the same today, yesterday and forever”. We believe that Jesus still heals the sick like he did recorded in the bible. We believe that God cares about big prayer request as well as small ones. We believe that God has compassion towards us. We sincerely believe that prayer can intervene with God’s power and transform people’s life. Jesus did say:” Pray and you will receive. If you ask for something in my name I will do it”.

We have a high value for teaching. In the book of Hosea it says:” My people parish because of lack of knowledge”. By telling people about Jesus, giving biblical teaching, teaching important topics. We believe it will bring an impartation and a powerful understand of the Kingdom and give knowledge & encounters with God. We wish that our teaching will inspire, give freedom, give faith and encourage people to believe for the impossible.

Show Jesus
We sincerely want Jesus to be in focus that he will be lifted up. That every teaching article, YouTube video and posts will point at Jesus and glorify His name. This very ministry belongs to Jesus and it is His ministry and a part of his body on earth. Our highest goal is to make Jesus famous in Norway, all of Scandinavia, Europe and in the rest of the world. We want to show off the goodness of Jesus. Our job is to let people see how attractive and good Jesus is.

Demonstrating the power of God 
One of our core values is to demonstrate the Kingdom of Heaven. As it is written: “The Kingdom of Heaven doesn’t consist of words but of power”. We wish to give people an opportunity to encounter God.

We wish to show Jesus off. Share the good news of the Kingdom to everybody on this earth. We do it by equipping believers in how to live a lifestyle of miracles. Social media, YouTube, Facebook, Google & TV are some of our essential ways of reaching people with the gospel. We will post videos of where we preach about the Kingdom of Heaven, about Jesus, how to receive Him and how to burn with a passionate passion for God.

Online Resource site 
We want others to have the opportunity of using the materials on this website: videos, articles and webinars in order for them to witness and to share about Jesus. Kingdom Lifestyle is also a ministry where people can receive and get fresh revelation, impartation & inspiration in how to reach people. We want people to be equipped for ministry.

We have a high value for testimonies. We want to show and celebrate what Jesus has done through us. Share about the miracles God have shown us. We want every healing and miracle to be celebrated so it can glorify God. As it is written:” The spirit of Jesus is the Spirit of prophesy. Our goal is that the testimonies will encourage people and help them believe for their and others breakthrough.

Revival in Europe 
We believe in a revival that will hit Norway and Europe. We believe that this revival will come soon and that God will set Norway on fire with His glories power and goodness. We want this ministry to be a forerunner for the revival, a light that can inspire and help other revivalists to release the power of God.