The Lord of All says, ‘If you will walk in My ways and do My work, then you will rule My house and everything around it. And I will give you a place among these who are standing here. Zechariah 3:7

                                             See - Learn - Understand - Act - Expect

Kingdom Lifestyle is a spirit filled organization, established June 2016. Kingdom Lifestyle is registered in Norway as a ministry. Founded by Daniel Haddal, Kingdom Lifestyle’s motto is: See- Learn – Understand-  Expect & Act. The ministry’s primary focus is to equip believers for ministry – through teaching and by showing others the Jesus- lifestyle in function on the street.

See – You will see in a practical way that we pray for the sick and learn how to minister to people through the gifts of the Spirit. You will also see how it is possible to live the Kingdom Lifestyle everyday.

Learn – Through different teachings, you will learn about your identity in God. It will give you the keys for how you can live the Jesus life everyday.

Understand – By understanding who you are in God and how the Kingdom principles works, it will give you unique insight & boldness to take the necessary steps to move forward into your calling.

Act – By you doing what you have learned, when you put your faith into action, you will see the kingdom flow through you, touching people around you with miracles, signs & Wonders. You will be a living sign and demonstrate the kingdom power of Jesus.

Expect – When you are around people, you can expect heaven to show up. When you see someone in need of a healing, you can expect Heaven to manifest with power to heal. “Heaven in you wants to get out of you.”

                                  The Vision of Kingdom Lifestyle 

We want to be available 24/7, so we can feed people with good biblical teaching. Touch those who are hungry and thirsty for more of God. Kingdom Lifestyle has 10 essential core Values.


We desire to equip people to move and operate in the supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit and to live a lifestyle where miracles become a natural part of a believer’s everyday life. Through teaching and demonstrating the Kingdom, we want to empower people from all around Scandinavia, Europe, and other nations to reach their calling and get into their destiny.

Make disciples

We want to be an online resource website where people, both believers and non-believers, can be equipped & empowered by anointed teaching, inspired to believe for the impossible and to follow Jesus with their whole heart.

We wish to give people a powerful biblical foundation. Through webinars, online teaching, articles and TV- programs, we wish to take people deeper into the very heart of Father God.