“Hi, this is Daniel Haddal. We’ve landed here in Ålesund, and I hope you all are doing well. Today is the 5th of June, but we’re going to discuss the events of yesterday, the 4th of June. It was an incredible day. We’re here on a mission to preach the gospel at different churches. We participated in a parade called the ‘Jesus March’ in Ålesund, alongside more than 50 enthusiastic people, all eager to share the power of God and spread the gospel. It’s been an incredibly rewarding experience.
Pernille, how has it been for you?
The experience has been powerful. So many things have happened, and witnessing people being touched by the presence of God has been profoundly moving. We had the opportunity to pray for people, and of course, there was the Jesus March, which was amazing. Preaching on the streets, interacting with people, and our meetings on Friday night, Saturday night, and Sunday morning have been deeply meaningful.
On Sunday, we went to another city called Ørsta. We took a ferry and drove for about an hour. To be honest, I was unsure of what to expect and was quite tired that day. I contemplated whether I should go or stay at home. I turned to the Holy Spirit for guidance, and the message I received was clear: I was meant to go. The Holy Spirit communicated to me that I had something to share with others. In retrospect, the fatigue I felt seemed more like a deceit from the enemy rather than my true state. The meeting in Ashta turned out to be so powerful that it was, for me, the highlight of the entire weekend.
So, if you’re feeling weary or hesitant, but you feel the Holy Spirit nudging you forward, I encourage you to go ahead. It might end up being the best thing for you.

Daniel, what are your thoughts?
Thanks for asking. We indeed had an incredible time at that church. Ministering to people in that atmosphere was truly incredible. The New Life Center, led by Pastor Hans Reita, was an amazing place to be.
What really touched me was the worship session at the beginning. We had a group of African worshippers, expressing their love for God in their unique African style, full of dance and joy. Seeing them, I remember telling Pernille, ‘I’m tempted to go up there.’ And she encouraged me to do so.
So, I ended up joining the African dance on stage. It was a wild, exhilarating three minutes of fame where I danced and shouted out praises to the Lord. The exercise left me physically invigorated and was an intense way to worship God with my whole body.
To say the least, it was wild, and it was awesome!”

“So, we were warmly welcomed to minister at this church, a place I had visited before, but it was Pernille’s first time. Pernille, how was it for you and what did you share with us?
Well, as soon as we entered the church, I was immediately enveloped by a sense of peace and joy. A love for the congregation filled my heart. It felt as if I had known them for a long time, as if they were my brothers and sisters in Christ. You could palpably sense the love among them. This is such an amazing church with a wonderful leadership and pastor.
The African worship team’s dance was nothing short of spectacular. They truly are role models when it comes to expressing the joy of the Lord, radiating such a vibrant joy.
Despite being tired, I managed to share my thoughts. I admit, I was unsure if I could do it, unsure if I had enough energy. Yet, the anointing in the room was so strong that I ended up sharing my testimony.
As I prayed about Sunday, the Holy Spirit gave me words of wisdom, reminding me of Jesus’s sermon on the mount. I felt led to discuss the power of loving our enemies and blessing those who curse us, as shared in Matthew Chapter 5. This teaching, I believe, can bring powerful changes in our lives.
I also shared the verses about not hiding one’s light under a basket, but rather setting it on a stand to illuminate the entire house. This passage is also from Matthew Chapter 5. I felt that some people in the church or watching online might be hiding their light, feeling inadequate or believing that someone else could do better. However, I want to tell them that they are mightily used by the Lord and that they should shine brightly for others, using their voices confidently. So, I reiterated, ‘You are a light; do not hide yourself under a basket.’ That was the essence of my sharing.”