Amazing time at Nesoddtangen with Halvor Aurlien.

Thursday 30th.
Halvor picked me up at the train station and we drove to his place and hanged out and had some disco party for that night, it was super fun and very encouraging. So good to see Halvor again

Hanging out with Halvor, then we went to the Catch the fire evening meeting and it was super powerful and so good. Loved it and we were so filled up with Joy and peace.

Saturday Jun 2th.
Morning session meeting. & Evening session, the power of God came in such a power. Both me, Mikkel, halvor and Tore Kjell were on the floor drunk in the Holy Spirit together, we were so drunk.
Tore Kjell said out of no we’re that Mikkel, Daniel and Halvor need to connect and walk together hand in hand. So that was a powerful revelation for us. So good, thank you Jesus. The Lord is so good.

Later we meet with this couple , that we hungry for revival in Norway, they connected with Me and Halvor,and they encouraged us to come and be part of their revival group, they had actually received my name Daniel Haddal and Andreas Fjellvang to be part of the revival group, which is very encouraging. Thank you Jesus.

Hi to John Arnott,
I said hi to him and he said to me”hi, Tore Kjell have told me about you , which was such an honor. It was very very awesome.
Tore Kjell said then to Arnott, we have waited for over a year to have Daniel Haddal back.

Sunday Jun 3th.
Catch the fire meeting.
This morning we went to Catch the fire morning session. Carol thought on this session and it was so good, so basic and so good. I recorded the whole thing on video. I should put it on YouTube, that’s for sure.

Testimonies, recorded on video.
A woman told me that She was healed from bein hinn “betennelse”. She had it for a year and a half.  At “bønn for Oslo”,  I had prayed for her and she was completely healed, it was crazy and very powerful. Thank you Jesus. I took a video of that testimony.

Blissful joy video
Halvor and I made very Cool Joy video for our next was glories. We drove the scooter, jumped up and down on the trampoline. Went out jumping in the lake, with cloth on, jumping from 10meters with cloth on. It was all so much fun and so incredible enjoyable. It was so freaked awesome. Totally crazy!!. Our goal is to make a video for this for the hit blissful joy, thats our first hit and it deserves a freaken good video.

Træna, Bodø.
I am thinking if we are going to take teams to either Træna or Bodø. So I’m praying about it and hoping that God will release to us the right decision, give wisdom for what to do.

June4th. Monday
Today I went to the father heart conference with Catch the fire, it was awesome. The teaching was amazing and John Arnott was teaching about the cross and the teaching was simply life changing and amazing.
I felt absolutely more connected to father God afterwards, it was so good and so powerful. Full of anointing,bliss joy, power and joy. Unbelievable good and very awesome.

Prayed for Laila
I prayed and prophesied over this woman named Laila, she got so encouraged through the prophetic words that we gave her, she was into movies and tv. She was working for a tv program sender, and Inbasicly read her mail. It was totally super and so awesome.

Gospel Channel with Mikkel.
Halvor and I were invited for a tv program called” studios direkte”. It was simply awesome, we were on that program and we were able to preach, share testimonies and to release the goodness of God straight into people. We sent out videos to different places in Norway. So many. Encountered God and his goodness.
We also got feedback from people that were healed from all kind of sickness. One man responded on a word of knowledge of a broken knee scale. And he felt God do something and he was filled with hope.

Another woman got prophesied over through tv and she got very encouragd and filled up with Joy.

I shared several testimonies and it was a whole lot of fun.
Halvor did worship and he did such a great job, it was simply great.
During the program, we talked about
– fire of God
– salvation
– healing
– faith
– Gods goodness
– baptism of the Holy Spirit
– Toronto movement
– what God does in Norway today.

This was also my first time on being on live streaming tv. And I simply loved it, my mom called me and said that it was very good and she felt a breakthrough come for me and Halvor.