Derek Prince Sermons: Breaking Generational Curses. This is an original Bible Study, teaching by Derek Prince. “Release from the Curse” audio/video sermon series has helped countless people find freedom from generational curses. One segment of this ministry training series is a condensed version of Derek’s teaching. So if you are frustrated, defeated, or never fully satisfied, there could be a spiritual reason behind it. Discover how you can pass from the dark shadow of a curse into the sunlight of God’s blessing.

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Table of Contents:
00:00 Nature Of Curses And Blessings
02:22 Words are vehicles of blessing and curses (spoken, written or pronounced inwardly)
02:38 Objects can transmit blessings and curses
07:05 Forms That Blessings And Curses Take (Deut. 28)
08:03 Seven Blessings
09:52 Seven Curses
10:50 Indications Of Being Under A Curse
11:36 Mental and/or emotional breakdown
11:54 Repeated or chronic sickness (esp. hereditary)
12:17 Female problems
13:20 Breakdown of marriage/family alienation
13:40 Financial insufficiency
14:08 Accident prone
14:50 History of suicide or unnatural deaths
16:05 Primary Causes of Blessings: Hearing and obeying God’s voice (Deut. 28: 1–2)
17:21 Primary Causes of Curses: Not hearing and obeying God’s voice (Deut. 28: 15)
18:09 Sources of curses: False gods (Ex. 20: 3–5)
19:20 Sources of curses: Idolatry—cult, occult, etc. (Deut. 27: 15–26)
21:25 Sources of curses: Disrespect for parents (compare Eph. 6: 1–3)
23:30 Sources of curses: Treachery against a neighbour (compare Prov. 17: 13)
23:50 Sources of curses: Injustice to the weak or helpless
24:24 Sources of curses: Illicit or unnatural sex/incest
24:54 Sources of curses: Anti-Semitism (Gen. 12: 3; 27: 29)
26:22 Sources of curses: Depending on flesh (Jer. 17: 5–6)
27:32 Sources of curses: Stealing or perjury (Zech. 5: 1–4)
28:05 Sources of curses: Stinginess toward God (Mal. 3: 8–10)
29:20 Sources of curses: Perverting the Gospel (Gal. 1: 8–9)
31:52 Sources of curses: Persons With Relational Authority
37:05 Usually a demonic element (James 3: 14–15)
37:46 Self-imposed curses
41:31 Unscriptural covenants: Freemasonry, tribal initiation (Ex. 23: 32)
44:46 Unscriptural covenants: Servants of Satan
47:38 Objects that are vehicles of a curse
49:40 How To Be Released/Delivered From A Curse
55:55 Persisting in the right confession

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