The Gospel According to Matthew | Full Movie | Bruce Marchiano | Richard Kiley | Gerrit Schoonhoven

The Gospel According to Matthew Full Movie, starring Bruce Marchiano, Richard Kiley and Gerrit Schoonhoven. Directed by Regardt van den Bergh and written by Johann Potgieter.

In Israel/Palestine/Jordan, then known as Judea (Roman province) of the Roman Empire, Jesus Christ of Nazareth travels around the country with his disciples preaching to the people about God and salvation of their souls. He claims to be the son of God and the Messiah. He is arrested by the Romans and crucified. He rises from the dead after three days.

The Matthew video series broke new ground by offering the first-ever dramatic portrayal of events in the Bible, presented word for word from the best-selling New International Version® (NIV) translation. Now you can experience this thrilling epic in DVD format, which blends the superior digital surround sound of CDs with crisp, high-resolution digital images.

Director: Regardt van den Bergh
Writer: Johann Potgieter
Starring: Richard Kiley, Bruce Marchiano, Gerrit Schoonhoven, Dawid Minnaar, Kevin Smith

Full Cast:
Richard Kiley as Old Matthew
Bruce Marchiano as Jesus Christ
Joanna Weinberg as Mary (mother of Jesus)
Tony Caprari as Joseph
Marcel van Heerden as John the Baptist
Gerrit Schoonhoven as Peter
Hannes Muller as Andrew
Charlton George as James, son of Zebedee
Kevin Smith as John
Ivan D. Lucas as Phillip
Jaques De Klerk as Bartholomew
Sean Cameron Michael as Thomas
Matthew Dylan Roberts as Young Matthew
Tony Joubert as James, son of Alphaeus
Jonathan Pienaar as Thaddaeus
Darryl Fuchs as Simon the Zealot
Dawid Minnaar as Judas Iscariot
Gordon van Rooyen as Caiaphas
Brian O’Shaughnessy as Pontius Pilate
Patrick Mynhardt as Herod the Great
Chris Truter as Herod Antipas
Pippa Duffy as Mary Magdalene
Dominique Newman as the Young Woman
David Müller as the Pharisee
Dawie Maritz
DeWet Van Rooyen
Denise Newman
Goliath Davids
Keith Grenville
Maria Zak and Sasha Zak as the Children of Babylon